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The biggest mistake we see aspiring Licensors make is to think that they can sell an un-vetted idea. Who are the biggest competitors your Gourmet Marinade or Mascara, or Wellness Product will be fighting for shelf space, display and sales promotional slots? You will need to know the Logistic, Tooling, Manufacturing, Lead times, Production Limitations […]
Why use this guide? Images of some of the seals and related records detailed in this guide are available to view online. 2. What are seals and what do they tell us? 2.2 What do seals tell us? The glue-gun method is the staple of making wax seals. 3. Avoid dismantling important documents and personal […]
Another procedure of making batik is by using copper stamp. The copper stamp is made to create the process of making batik faster. The label, the wax stamp and the wax drip are presented in solid black. The label, the wording of “Maker’s Mark” and the wax itself are all presented in a beautiful gold. […]
I had quite a few fails before I found the knack. For my DIY Wax Seal Stamp solution, I dug around in my vintage button jar until I found a couple of buttons with suitable designs. The first is to sprinkle pigment onto your wax before you stamp in the seal. This might get fall-out […]
If you want more than off-the-shelf, mass produced symbols or letters for your wax seal, wax seal stamp you’re at the right place to have a custom made wax seal at Stamps Plus. 6. Add the Rectangle element if we need more frames. Press it onto an ice cube between uses; this will cool it […]
Each seal will look like identical others. The pigment won’t reach into all the crannies of the seal, creating a weathered look. However, because candle wax lacks resin, it won’t be adhesive to the paper. 2. Use the lighter to melt the crayon and drip it onto the paper or envelope. 1. You will need […]
No melting, stamping or DIY videos necessary. No melting, stamping, or DIY videos are necessary. T than themselves – you know who you are! We got ours from hobby craft, as far as we know known broke in the post! I got ours from ebay. If you want more than off-the-shelf, mass produced symbols or […]
It’s a long post that includes background information as well as two separate Maker’s Mark bourbon reviews. Rush’s post is all about some of the rarer Maker’s Mark releases like the Limited Edition Green & Gold Wax bottles as well as the Select Black Wax bottle. After a few years of searching, I was able […]
Place a piece of parchment paper on a flat work space. Wait 5-10 seconds, wax stamp while applying medium pressure to allow the wax to cool in place. While you can certainly buy the glue gun, wax sticks and a custom seal—the whole shebang—it’s not the only way to DIY wax seals. The best use […]