CCNA, Security and CCNP Practice Exam Questions – DHCP, UDP, TCP, Network Time Protocol, and More!

To help you prepare for success on your Cisco certification exams, here are some complimentary practice exam questions. Enjoy!


Name the header fields that a UDP segment and TCP segment have in common.

Answer: Source port, destination port, and checksum.

CCNA Exam:

Put these four DHCP packet types in the order in which they’re sent during a typical IP address acquisition.

A. Ack

B. Offer

C. Discovery

D. Request

Answer: C, B, D, A. Summing up the overall process…

1. Host sends DHCP Discovery message (broadcast)

2. DHCP Servers that receive the Discovery packet respond with an Offer packet, which is unicast back to the host

3. Host sends DHCP Request packet (another broadcast)

4. The DHCP Server whose Offer was accepted unicasts an Ack back to the host.

CCNA Security Exam and CCNP / ISCW Exam Question:

You’ve just written and applied an ACL, and you notice your Network Time Protocol deployment is no longer working correctly. What port should your ACL permit to allow NTP to begin working again?

Answer: NTP uses UDP port 123.


You want to disable a Cisco router’s ability to serve as a DHCP server. What CLI command will do so?

Answer: The global no service dhcp command.


When you configure Multiple Spanning Tree (MST), the switches in a given MST Region must agree on three values. What are they?


The MST configuration name

The MST instance-to-VLAN Mapping table

The MST configuration revision number

CCNP / ONT Exam:

Of the following four delay types, identify the fixed-length and variable-length delays.

A. Queueing

B. Processing

C. Serialization

D. Propagation

Answer: Queueing and processing delays are variable in length, where the serialization and propagation delays are fixed in length.

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