Juniper Ax411 Premium Wireless Access Point an Ideal Solution for Branch Offices Network

One of the difficulties for enterprises to manage their branch offices with less technical IT supports is extending the secure system to their branch offices. Having technical skill employee (especially in IT security) in each of the branch offices lead to overhead cost. In modern businesses with multiple branch offices, integrating the communication system between the head quarter and branch offices is a must to support business productivity. However, connecting the branch offices that have low security design will just make security holes and vulnerabilities to the central office and to the enterprise network as a whole.

One of the vulnerabilities that contribute to security holes to branch offices is the deployment of wireless network that is not properly designed with security in mind. Providing the wireless internet access to company guests without limiting the network access can compromise system security. Providing no data encryption for wireless communication is very dangerous for the system that can cause the un-authorized users gain access easily to the system.

Many network administrators have difficulties in extending the security protection from well secured wired network to wireless networks. This is sometimes caused by the difficulties in integrating multiple networking products from different manufacturers. Moreover, security becomes the last thing to consider when deployments of the wireless networks for many network administrators. It is therefore, selecting the premium wireless access points in building wireless networks for branch offices is very essential to mitigate the security compromise. The access points that can be integrated with your existing secure wired networks.

Juniper AX411 Wireless LAN Access Point which is combined with the Juniper SRX series would be ideal solution for branch offices and helps network administrators to manage and design both wired and wireless security. AX411 is designed for branch offices of Enterprise class businesses. Should you build your home business or SOHO, you can consider more economical access points such as DAP-1522 Xtreme N duo access point by D Link.

What this Product Does

Juniper AX411 Wireless LAN Access Point is powered by the latest wireless 802.11n standards with dual-band and 2×3 MIMO technologies delivering the speeds of up to 300Mbps. With dual-band support, the AX411 can accommodate both types of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz based wireless devices.

AX411 is designed to be easily integrated with the award winning Juniper SRX branch office series. This will allow you to manage centrally and deliver the security performance from wired network to wireless networks easily. By combining the AX411 and SRX series gateway, you can extend the security and Quality of Service (QoS) requirements to the wireless networks easily.

Juniper AX411 Wireless LAN Access Point supports multiple SSIDs to allow you segregate the security requirements for different groups of users such as providing different security access to company guests without providing internal network access. You can provide each of unique SSID with specific security and QoS requirements to meet your business security policies.

AX411 is designed to support future cluster cloning technology to ease the deployments of multiple access points for large wireless networks. The good thing with the integration to the SRX series is that SRX provides wireless controller capabilities in managing up to 2 AX411 access points. But, should you require managing more than two AX411 devices, you need to purchase additional software licenses.

Juniper AX411 Wireless LAN Access Point supports the 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) to allow you install the devices in area where no power points are available such as deployments in ceilings. You just need to connect the Gigabit Ethernet port of the AX411 using the UTP LAN cable to the PoE enabled Switch port or connect to SRX series with PoE enabled. AX411 includes mounting to ease deployment the devices in the wall, mount desk, or ceilings.

Building a wireless network for branch offices must comply with the high security policy setting of the enterprise. Low security design for branch offices will just promote the security holes and vulnerabilities to the enterprise network. Combination of the Juniper AX411 wireless access points and the SRX series gateway is ideal solution for branch offices network.

By Ki Grinsing

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