Top 7 Funny Computer T Shirts

What makes a computer t shirt funny? I think it’s the ability to take a direct programmatic approach to humor. OK, actually, I actually think the unexpected is what is really the most funny. Wearing a funny t shirt is like wearing a joke, and people love a good joke. So, if you love computers or you work with them, you will get a kick out of my top 7 funny computer t shirts.

Brain Loading T Shirt. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, yes, my brain is at 30%…maybe I should just go out for coffee and a bagel until it’s complete. This t shirt is great for any computer lover.

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Writes Some Bad Code T Shirt. Every programmer knows this. Bad code is like a dark cloud of doom hanging over the chance that you will have any kind of weekend coming. The bad code t shirt at least proves you have a sense of humor.

No I Will Not Fix Your Computer T Shirt. Anyone who works with computers knows the burden of being asked to fix the computers of others who blindly surf the Internet downloading everything on Tom, Dick and Harry’s web sites only to find that their computer is virus ridden.

Step Aside The Programmer Is Here T Shirt. Stand back and watch the complete awesomeness of the programmer who, with a magical wave of his or her invisible wand, will make all the bad code go away. Programming team activate!

User Friendly T Shirt. We all want to be thought of as friendly. Here’s a chance to show it off publicly.

SQL Computer T Shirt. Select * From Users Where Intelligent = True; No Rows Returned. You might not want to wear this around the marketing folks. They may eventually figure it out and you’ll be out of a sweet job. But, if you’re hanging out with a bunch of other programmers, you’ll be the envy of the group. There’s just no intelligent life out there.

Failure Is Not An Option It Comes Bundled With The Software T Shirt. Aw, dang, I thought failure was optional. I knew this whole bundling concept was a trick from the beginning. I prefer to purchase my failure a la carte.

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